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Academic Tutoring Services

9709 Cornell Trace Rd.

Louisville, KY 40241

Phone: (502) 339-8148



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                            Shirley A.R. Johnson, Ph.D.                          Director    



Dr. Johnson has always had a sincere interest in the psychology of learning.  Her advanced degrees in learning and educational psychology (M.S., Ph.D.) are from Indiana University.  Her extensive professional experiences include: eight years of teaching and tutoring students K-12 in public and private schools; eight years as an instructor of learning and development classes at the University of Louisville; five years as a university consultant on first-year teacher intern committees; editorial board member of the Journal of the Society for Accelerative Learning and Teaching; and, program consultant for the Indiana State Department of Public Instruction.  With this background it seemed natural to apply her training and experience to an individual tutoring environment.  Her philosophy of teaching has led to the development of Academic Tutoring Services, a individualized tutoring service where qualified instructors use their expertise to enhance the learning potential of their students.


Mission Statement:                                                                                                    To encourage, empower, and improve personal learning strategies so that each student will become an independent and successful learner.



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